9 in 1 Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor


1.Installation and services price not included – project based
2.Cloud Services Price not included – project based
3. Price can negotiate if large quantity order.
4. Any sensor not in the list can fulfill the requirement , please let us know.


>Integrated with multiple sensors like Temperature,Humidity,PIR,Light,TVOC,Barometric Pressure,Carbon Dioxide,PM2.5 & PM10,Formaldehyde,Ozone;

>Multiple display modes and clear emoticon to easily understand the comfort levels via screen

>Support batteries or DC power supply

>Equipped with traffic light indicator and buzzer to indicate device status and threshold alarms

>Able to store locally more than 18, 000 records of 512 KB in total

Compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers


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