About Us

Connecting Cities, Industries and Communites.

IpinfraIOT is an IoT integration company delivering private and public network solutions supported by devices and applications. Our Enterprise-Grade solutions use global open standard technologies to drive greater innovation and value for our customers IpinfraIOT is an Malaysia-based Internet of Things Start-up Service Provider delivering expert IoT solutions across ASEAN.

  • Enterprise Grade Private and Public IOT Networks
  • Cloud and Network Platform for the Sensor
  • Hardware from Sensor and Gateway for all smart applications
  • Network, Integrations, Installations and Support

Smart technology for the connected world

Boasting smart solutions for industry, cities, water and agriculture, we have proven excellence in promoting LoRaWAN as a cost-effective method for our clients’ needs. We support intelligent asset management and monitoring, alongside connected farming and supply chains. Our smart water solution is helping provide long-term sustainability of changing water resources to further our committment to the environment.

Community initiative for the future of IoT

IpinfraIOT is proactively encouraging the future of open standard technologies. We partner with leading universities and research networks to provide affordable LoRaWAN IoT solutions. Our extensive involvement in providing free-to-use community networks with The Things Network has helped boost the global crowd-sourced initiative.

End to End Solutions For IOT

IpinfraIOT is a also leading supplier of IoT Gateways, End-to-End Solutions, Sensors, and Applications. IpinfraIOT has been present on the market since 2014, and during these years managed to reach excellence in quality, engineering, and service. IpinfraIOT offers a complete range of customized product design services and is backed by a growing portfolio of Devices, Applications, and Gateways.


IpinfraIOT Company History



Ipinfra Networks Sdn Bhd established the company and start business focus on Network Integrations and Cyber Security.



SUPERB  Grant Winner from TERAJU under Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia



Awarded for Internet of Things (IOT Project) for Education Sector.

Development on IPinfraIOT Platfrom and integration 



Commercialization on IpinfraIOT focussing on Smart Agriculture and Smart City