Today, smart agriculture solutions help farmers improve all aspects of crop yield, from asset tracking, smart irrigation, soil moisture monitoring and much more. To this end, LoRaWAN stands out for its wide coverage in rural areas, its long battery life, and its numerous applications enabling farmers to make more informed decisions as well as optimize their processes.

We in IpinfraIOT, guides you through the journey of designing and implementing GPS cattle tracking solutions with LoRaWAN.

To deploy these solutions, IpinfraIOT relies on The Things Industries: the secure and scalable LoRaWAN network server offering advanced features, professional support and interoperability throughout the LoRaWAN chain.

“We use The Things Industries for tracking cattle in the Malaysia. In such remote areas, connectivity is a major problem that we overcame by using The Things Stack: a flexible and reliable infrastructure. We are happy to rely on a great partner for all of our projects” – Suzairi, Co-founder & Co-CEO of IpinfraIOT

Cattle tracking

cattle tracking

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